At Aster,
we take qualitative data and turn it into quantitative.

Through plugging into the communication tool, Workplace by Meta, our algorithm produces our unique Aster Score to provide insight into employee sentiment by groups and demographics. Through the intuitive dashboard, Aster shows leaders what’s actually happening inside the organisation—supporting accountability and progress for the culture needed for today.

Aster has been designed and crafted by HR professionals and business leaders.

Protecting anonymity is imperative as we provide transparency through trend analysis.

Analyse by demographic groups

The platform supports companies to avoid blind spots and improve their diversity and inclusion company culture experience. Demographic filters help a greater understanding of your people.

Analyse by teams

Instead of waiting for team, department or regional issues to impact retention, Aster empowers leaders to catch disengagement before it's too late.

Real time information

Time is of the essence. With 24/7 transparency, leaders can respond in real-time instead of waiting for a crisis to amplify.


Anonymisation is upheld by preventing filtration once a group reaches less than five employees. Trust is supported throughout the platform's design.

Trends over time

Through retroactive analysis, leaders can see impact points to start better understanding what occurred to contribute to the changes in experience.

Compare teams & demographic groups

The comparative analysis provides greater depth to draw correlations regarding what's happening within an organisation. More layers create greater depth and dimension.

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