Human Resources Beings.

Aster is an AI-powered, people analytics platform in service of a better human experience at work.

Aster is the new employee survey.

This time with 100% capture, honest insights and quality information.

Aster helps identify culture and engagement challenges before they become retention issues.

How it Works

Designed by people who have always put people first.

Our Approach


Identify patterns in employee sentiment shifts through ethical anonymity.

Trend Analysis

Aster uses layered filters to provide transparency. Delve into organisational behavior trends.

Real Time Data Feed

Aster pulls quantitative data in real time, providing insights that allow for a quick response.

GDPR Compliant

With industry expertise, Aster recognizes the importance of GDPR compliance to employers and employees. Aster maintains the highest GDPR standards.

Founded by industry experts, Aster upholds the importance of confidentiality and ethics for both companies and employees.

Aster’s user experience has been designed  and engineered to protect employee anonymity and allow leadership to focus on group and trend analysis. No personal data is stored within our systems and no single employee is identifiable on the platform.

Aster uses best in class technology solutions and security measures. The platform uses solutions designed to protect users from threats by applying security controls at every layer from  physical to application, isolating customer applications and data, and with its ability to rapidly deploy security updates without customer interaction or service interruption.

How it Works

Not only is it incredibly useful, it is also beautiful!

I didn’t understand how a piece of technology could understand my employees so well, in a way in which a survey has never been able to capture. Greater insights, always accessible and helps us be better employers.

The platform is intuitive, first of its kind  and easy to understand.

Stop "dealing" with your people.

Bring humanity to work™

Aster exists to be an advocate for the people who work for those businesses.

Aster exists to support the culture needed for today.

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